Bringing people process and technology together to better connect local councils with their local residents.

Unlocking the potential of our growing suburbs means breaking free from outdated boundaries and cumbersome regulations. At CountERPart Solutions, we believe in harnessing the strengths of local government and collaborating with top-performing councils to work smarter together. Our goal is to empower communities, fostering strength, growth, and prosperity.

Built for councils. Serving communities.

Bringing people process and technology together to better connect utilities with their customers.

The utility sector is in the midst of a transformative shift, disrupting the traditional distribution, metering, and billing model. To thrive in this changing landscape, utilities must embrace adaptability and meet evolving stakeholder demands. It's no longer just about selling energy and water to customers; the focus is now on energy efficiency, water management and holistic home services. CountERPart Solutions is here to guide utilities through this transformational journey, enabling them to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Built for utilities. Serving communities.


Bringing people process and technology together to better connect hospitals and medical practices with their patients.

The health sector is experiencing a profound digital transformation, revolutionising how healthcare is delivered and managed. Advances in technology, such as electronic health records, telemedicine, wearables, medical asset management and artificial intelligence, are enhancing patient care, improving efficiency, and enabling personalised medicine. This digital shift holds tremendous potential for improving healthcare outcomes and patient experiences.

Built for health agencies. Serving communities.



Bringing people process and technology together to better connect schools and universities with students and parents.

The education sector is undergoing a significant digital transformation, reshaping the way students learn and teachers instruct. Technology integration, including online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and personalised learning tools, is expanding access to education, promoting interactive and personalised learning experiences, and preparing students for a digitally-driven future. This digital revolution holds immense potential for transforming education globally.

Built for education sector. Serving communities.

Statistics show that forty-four percent of strategic initiatives fail to meet their original goals

We are currently investing in the development of an AI delivery engine. This cutting-edge technology will provide invaluable support for project, program, and portfolio implementations, ultimately reducing the occurrence of failing projects.

Coming soon in 2024.

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Today`s Public Sector, Local Government and the Utilities need industry solutions to meet the ever-increasing challenges being faced. Software, applications and technology alone do not address these issues and challenges. These authorities require a Tier 1 Oracle interoperable, business-focused solutions, Cloud software applications and technology to serve as a robust springboard from which to meet the challenges of the future.