Our Mission

At CountERPart Solutions, our primary objective is to empower communities to thrive and flourish by fostering stronger and more resilient neighbourhoods. To accomplish this, we are dedicated to assisting the public sector in minimising costs and mitigating risks associated with transformative endeavours.

We firmly believe that achieving success hinges on the effective implementation of strategic goals that align with transformative outcomes. With this conviction, we have made substantial investments in creating a comprehensive capability delivery tool. This tool serves as a valuable resource for facilitating business transformations, placing equal emphasis on people, processes, and technology.

About CountERPart Solutions

At Counterpart Solutions, our mission is to support communities by reducing the cost and risk associated with city transformation initiatives. We understand that statistics show a concerning 44% failure rate for strategic projects, and we are dedicated to changing that narrative. Our goal is to help Cities succeed in their transformation efforts so that communities can become stronger, thrive, and prosper.

SmaartCities: A Holistic Approach

To achieve our mission, we have developed a cloud capability delivery tool called SmaartCities. This tool supports business transformation implementations with a holistic focus on people, process, and technology. Our systematic SmaartCitiesTM methodology has been successfully delivered in various engagements, providing proven strategy and engagement methodologies tailored to avoid common pitfalls in management transformational programs.

Proven Track Record in ICT Cloud Delivery

Counterpart Solutions has a strong focus on delivering high-quality solutions to the ANZ market. With a specialisation in Cloud and on-premise applications, we offer end-to-end capabilities, from initial solution design to planning, development, training, deployment, licensing, managed services, and ongoing support. Our team comprises experienced consultants and talented graduates who bring a dynamic energy to our work. We constantly challenge ourselves to think innovatively and deliver exceptional solutions that meet the unique business requirements of our customers.

Investing in People and Skills

At the heart of our business are our people. We have invested in some of the most experienced consultants in the country and actively hire and train graduates to grow within the business applications field. This blend of expertise and youthful enthusiasm allows us to provide exceptional service to our customers. With access to one of the largest Cloud teams in ANZ, we ensure our team has the right skills to continuously improve and deliver the best possible solutions.

At Counterpart Solutions, we believe that our strength lies not only in our systems knowledge but also in our deep understanding of various industries and their unique characteristics. With extensive knowledge and experience across different sectors, we grasp our customers' day-to-day business processes and systems, particularly in the Public Sector. We are committed to maximizing efficiency and minimizing operating costs through solutions that truly meet their needs. Our focus is on establishing long-lasting relationships, along with delivering effective solutions.

Local Delivery and Support

We pride ourselves on offering local delivery and support services. Our on-site delivery is fully backed by a 16x5 support team, boasting a proven track record of exceptional service. Our service hub is based in Australia and is staffed by a highly experienced service desk team. We are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient support to our valued clients.

Join us on the journey to successful transformation. Together, we can make a difference for Cities and their communities.

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Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

CountERPart Solutions operates with utmost professionalism and ethics, fostering strong relationships with stakeholders, staff, and clients. Our values drive our behaviour, guiding our decisions and actions. We actively promote these values, setting clear expectations for all parties involved and emphasising collaboration both internally and externally.

Meet Some of the Team

Our consultants are seasoned professionals with expertise in both business and technology domains. With extensive experience in leading-edge technologies and a track record of successfully delivering projects of various scales, they possess the skills necessary to drive business transformation. Their analytical abilities enable them to generate innovative ideas and develop effective solutions that contribute to the overall success of our clients' businesses.

Board of Directors

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