ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Many of today’s corporations face complex and often highly variable challenges on a day-to-day basis. Remaining relevant in highly dynamic markets requires the ability to develop strategies that address these challenges and provide the business with a path to continuously create value for customers, shareholders and employees alike.

But having a well developed strategy requires more than just great minds when considering the task of realising strategic change.  It requires the ability to take a well formed strategy and to develop the necessary portfolio of programs and projects that lead to the defined strategic outcomes.  This structured process needs to encompass all those involved and facilitate a well planned journey that ensures the required value is delivered as it was initially envisaged.

At CountERPart Solutions we understand modern program dynamics. By creating an ability to understand and confirm the strategic mission, goals, and value drivers within a business – our program management practitioners help clients to exceed expectations and deliver real value across the program delivery lifecycle.

CountERPart Solutions provides services across a range of program management disciplines, from business case development, through portfolio and program development, to program office design and implementation and on to value management and post implementation review.

CountERPart Solutions has expertise in delivery of enterprise solutions such as SAP, Oracle, JDE, People Soft & MS Dynamics ERP systems.


Our expert teams can also provide independent or supplementary audit services to existing and well established programs, as a means of verifying the current operation, re-assessing strategic fit or uplifting where additional capacity is required.

Quality is considered a paramount feature of our approach to program management. By ensuring quality in the program office, confidence is gained that all associated projects live up to a standard that ensures visibility is maintained and the right outcomes guaranteed.

Through the training and execution of contemporary program management practices, such as ASAP, OUM, Agile, Prince2 and PMBOK, quality is integrated and provided as a basis for sound execution from the start and maintained as a discipline throughout the program.

CountERPart Solutions’ project management offering includes a wide suite of industry best practices in project management. We provide a range of services to manage and support ICT related projects from mobilisation, execution through to transfer to production.

Our network of project and program managers are skilled and experienced practitioners drawn largely from large scale ERP project backgrounds.

They come with demonstrated ERP experience which is required to balance the requirements of cost, time, quality and risk in complex environments. At CountERPart Solutions, we believe in delivering projects on time, at quality and on budget by understanding the value metrics identified in strategy and by tracking, managing and reporting on risk management and the value add to the client over the duration of the project.

Where to from here?

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