ICT Advisory Services

CountERPart Solutions’ ICT practice provides offerings across a broad spectrum of technology capability development and operations across both IT and OT. We aim to provide a consistent service from conceptualisation through to project delivery and deliberately attract skilled resources that can operate within complex client environments.

CountERPart Solutions’ offerings are adaptable, dynamic and capable of being re-mastered to suit your unique challenge whilst maintaining the mantra of good service, high quality and fair value.

Our services include:

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ICT Strategy Development

At the core of the CountERPart Solutions’ ICT practice offerings is the IT strategy development service. This service is designed to incorporate a range of activities that deliver a comprehensive technology strategy to our clients.

The approach for this service is adapted to the context of the business and is usually tailored to meet the requirements of the key stakeholders, the current business environment, and the overall long-term maturity versus short-term delivery cycles.

CountERPart Solutions performs this tailoring in the initial phase of the ICT strategy engagement during the planning stages of the initiative. This is done by working with the business to ensure the required approach is tailored to meet the strategic agenda before moving into project delivery.

CountERPart Solutions technology strategy projects include:

  • A complete review of current state practices and technology capabilities
  • Operations review, diagnostics and assessment
  • A review of business requirements distilled from business strategies
  • Identification of business and technology trends aligned to the anticipated strategy
  • Options for technology solutions and concepts aligned to strategic requirements
  • High level value assessment of options
  • Program initiative development
  • Roadmap development
  • Strategy communication, buy in and signoff

On conclusion of the project, CountERPart Solutions can provide services associated with the necessary lead on activities typically observed after strategy definition to ensure continuity and peace of mind that the required strategy is delivered as specified.

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Technology Procurement Support

Procuring technology can be a complex and expensive endeavor, often requiring a careful balance across specifying the right business requirements, managing vendor risk and exposure, extracting maximum value for money, ensuring quality, achieving delivery complexity and achieving sufficient controls in contract negotiations and documentation.

CountERPart Solutions understands the complexity in achieving this balance while allowing the delivery cycle to occur unencumbered by the procurement cycle.

CountERPart Solutions provides support in achieving well formed procurement outcomes by assisting in the procurement management process. We provide a degree of separation between the business and potential vendor candidates by facilitating a process that holds up against principles of probity, objectivity and fairness.

CountERPart Solutions provides services across the full range of RFT processes, with offerings or support for the follow activity types:

  • Definition of procurement approach
  • Procurement project management
  • Business requirements collation
  • Procurement documentation creation and quality assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement, review and signoff
  • Go to market release
  • Competitive dialogue framework
  • RFT assessment facilitation
  • Preferred vendor selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Delivery mobilisation

From strategy, to procurement and into delivery, CountERPart Solutions aims to further assist your business by providing delivery management services once the purchase has been made.

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