Business Transformation Consulting

At the core of the CountERPart Solutions' practice offerings is the strategy and business transformation service. This service is structured to support the design of strategic objectives with traceability to a range of activities that deliver a comprehensive business transformation strategy to our clients.

The approach for this service is adapted to the context of the business and is usually tailored to meet the requirements of the key stakeholders, the current business environment, and the overall long-term maturity versus short-term delivery cycles.

CountERPart Solutions performs this tailoring during the planning stages of the initiative. This is done by working with the business to ensure the required approach is tailored to meet the strategic agenda before moving into project delivery.

CountERPart Solutions technology strategy projects include:

  • A complete review of current state practices and technology capabilities

  • Operations review, diagnostics and assessment

  • A review of business requirements distilled from business strategies

  • Identification of business and technology trends aligned to the anticipated strategy

  • Options for technology solutions and concepts aligned to strategic requirements

  • High level value assessment of options

  • Business Transformation Program initiative development

  • Roadmap development

  • Strategy communication, buy in and signoff

On conclusion of the project, CountERPart Solutions can provide services associated with the necessary lead-on activities typically observed after strategy definition to ensure continuity and peace of mind that the required strategy is delivered as specified.

CountERPart Solutions understands that a business considering significant reviews in regards to Culture, Change and Leadership are challenged with implementing large-scale organisational initiatives in ever-tighter time frames with fewer resources.

Yet anticipated performance outcomes often do not materialise as internal resistance slows or derails change efforts. At CountERPart Solutions we demonstrate how combined assessments of culture and informal structure can identify barriers to change and facilitate change initiatives.

Based on our experience, we demonstrate how this perspective helps to:

  • Drive change through people and values in certain network positions

  • Diagnose cultural drivers of network fragmentation

  • Identify dominant beliefs or paradigms impeding cultural change

  • Intervene with a balanced emphasis on instrumental and expressive relations

Where to from here?

Let us show you how CountERPart Solutions can help you address the challenges and cease the opportunities your business is facing.