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Today`s Public Sector, Local Government and the Utilities need industry solutions to meet the ever-increasing challenges being faced. Software, applications and technology alone do not address these issues and challenges. These authorities require a Tier 1 Oracle interoperable, business-focused solutions, Cloud software applications and technology to serve as a robust springboard from which to meet the challenges of the future.

More than one-third of councils are facing financial problems

Many of our growing suburbs are constrained by boundaries that date back to the horse and cart days, and layers of red tape and regulations are making it hard for people to do business, build homes and receive the services they need. We need to build on the strengths of local government and learn from the best councils to develop ways of working smarter together.
We want communities to be stronger and able to grow and prosper.

The Changing Nature of Utilities

The utility sector is undergoing transformational changes which are challenging the traditional business model of distribution, metering and billing. As the utilities sector transforms, it will need to move towards one that is capable of adapting to constantly changing stakeholder requirements. There is a clear shift from a focus purely on selling energy to customers, to selling energy efficiency or home services.

Statistics show that forty-four percent of strategic initiatives fail to meet their original goals

We believe success comes from implementing strategic objectives through aligned transformational delivery outcomes. As a result we have invested in the development of a capability delivery model to support Project, Program and Portfolio implementations and reduce the number of failing projects.

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With the growing advent of renewable energy and smart grids, a new way of working is required

We are hard at work building a model...anticipated release date mid-2022.